Innovating for Fashion

Giselle for UnderArmour

It’s no secret that fashion companies are leading the way in content marketing. these retailers are honing in on their mobile-addicted audiences and serving them content that reflects the ethos and style of their brands. What they are doing is more than selling clothing–like any great fashion brand, they are selling a lifestyle. In the offline retail world, it’s tough to attract and stay engaged with customers, earning their loyalty, writes blogger Neville Samuels. Online, however, an effective content marketing and complementary social media strategy is limited only by one’s imagination.  Fashionistas are increasingly taking their shopping on the go. According to business insider, during the height of the holiday shopping season in 2013, e-commerce shopping grew an estimated 24% to $4.6 billion, while offline shopping was down. Mobile shopping increased 63%, with a total $940 million in revenue.The digital campaign includes the launch of a new mobile experience via that serves as a community platform for women to track, analyze, and share their fitness and athletic lifestyle. Featuring tips from Vonn, Copeland, O’Hara, Stephens, and other Under Armour athletes as fans, the site encourage women to pursue their athletic goals, dotted with tasteful nudges to purchase.Why they stand out. The brand ingeniously anticipated the controversy they would court using model (and hobby kickboxer) Gisele Bundchen in the ampaign. In the video, she boxes the shit out of a punching bag while angry (and some encouraging) UA fan tweets lighting up behind her–seemingly goading her on to fight faster and harder. This keeps in line with the theme of overcoming criticism and adversity while seamlessly integrating a UGC component.

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Perspectives on innovating information

Seth Godin


Web innovation has a lot to do with the kind of different marketing strategies that teams come up with in order to engage their audiences. Sometimes it has a lot to do with growth hacking, sometimes a lot of new mediums sprout from just finding new ways of catching people’s attentions. Whatever it is, a lot of creative individuals around the world have their own perspectives about how we should approach marketing, and consequently, how we should view our businesses in perspective in light of this. For instance, Seth Godin said that content marketing is probably all the marketing that’s left. Craig Davis, a former Chief Creative Officer at J. Walter Thompson mentioned that as advertisers or marketers we need to stop interrupting what people are interested in and actually be what people are interested in. Shafqat Islam, CEO and Co-Founder of NewsCred shares that behind every tweet, share and purchase, there is a person, and that we should care more about the person and less about the share. When it comes to the Global SVP of Marketing at Uniliver, Marc Mathieu’s perspective of marketing is that way before it used to be about creating myths and telling it; however, now marketing is about telling a truth and sharing it. Others will say that content is the reason search began in the first place, and that with this in mind, a buyer’s journey is nothing really more than a series of questions answered. When you create content, you have to ultimately be the best answer on the Internet. It’s definitely what is going to build relationships.


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How to drive online sales

  These days, the smartest businessmen, top CEOs, leading advertisers, marketing leaders are stressing the need for good content as the piledriving force to driving sales. NewsCred recently collated a series of quotes from these top leaders to help us gain a fresh insight into how we should come up with content, why they are […]

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Creativity in web innovation.

Ok. here’s the deal. People spend more than 50% of their time online looking at content. However, people’s attention spans only last up until 8 seconds. That’s 1 less second than a goldfish’s. It’s dropped 4 seconds since the year 2000. People don’t want to be advertised to, they want to be entertained. Admittedly, that’s […]

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Web Content Inventory

  Before deciding on any kind of content strategy or write content for websites, you should first start with creating a content inventory/matrix. This is a spreadsheet that captures each web page or content module that you are responsible for creating, reviewing, or caring for.  Before taking a content inventory, think about what you need […]

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Audience First

  In every business strategy or plan, a strategist should always take into consideration the audience or market that you are trying to reach. Your team might propose ideas that don’t adhere to your target market’s interests, because what you or your team find personally persuasive or interesting has a real likelihood for not being […]

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Content is King

What exactly is a content strategy and how should one go about it? Content strategy consists in the creation, publication, and governance/overseeing of relevant and usable content. An important step to take before deciding what content and what mediums of content to deploy in your website is to DEFINE why you’re publishing that content in […]

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Content Marketing for Comfort Women

For this article, we will show you how to successfully create a content marketing platform. Most experts would advise you to start by writing down your content marketing strategy. This involves thinking about your brand’s story, and what it is you want to share with the specific targeted audience you have in mind. Once you […]

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Online Content Marketing Back to Storytelling

    Ever since content marketing had joined the online world and become the most often used marketing strategy in the digital world, plenty of digital publishing tools as well as hundreds of social media platforms have leveled the playing field for most businesses. Because of this marketers have used these digital publishing tools and […]

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Ecommerce Innovation

  At the moment, the bulk of retail growth happening today comes from online shopping or Ecommerce, so much so that retailers are beginning to really work on their online presence even more in order to retain and grow their customer base. Because of the increase in mobile shopping and online purchasing traffic, retailers need […]

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