Google Set to Release Micro-Blogging Search Engine

Google QueryGoogle is again in the headlines with rumors of a search engine for micro-blogs like Twitter set to be released soon. This may have been put back by the release of Bing yet the company is still in the forefront of the search market which it dominates and earns tons from in advertising revenues. Code-named “Query”, the release is a buzz in the company’s translation panel which has been releasing steady bits and pieces of information about the supposed search engine. As we all know, micro-blogging has taken the internet by storm due to popularity in the mobile workforce. People simply cannot stay away from Twitter and who’s to complain and so they complied with their version of a search designed specifically for that purpose. Continue reading…

Defining Innovation

defining innovation

defining innovationThe process of continuously improving the quality and usability of the Web in order to meet and exceed the user’s expectations is defined as innovation. Innovation also involves finding unique or creative ways in improving the elements and contents of the Web or engages the Web’s audience.

Some important points to focus on when thinking of Web innovations are:
1. Key Innovation Practices

  • Continuously and creatively pursue improvements aimed at meeting user needs.
  • Use analysis, user testing, and focus groups as basis in identifying new user needs.
  • Find new technologies that help to meet user needs better.

2. Key Innovation Resources

  • Explore the entries in the Internet to get an idea of some interesting and innovative webs.
  • Quality of Information
  • Productivity and quality centers

Personalities Affect Innovation

It’s tough to hold a discussion on innovation with lacking of bring some top-caliber names of charismatic visionaries like Steve Jobs or Richard Branson and more personalitues. Apple (AAPL) and Virgin, along with Nike (NKE), Starbucks (SBUX), and other beloved media, definitely make for great storytelling. Sorry to say, more often than not they also […]

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One of the great innovations for the web was the Instant Messengers. There are quite a lot of IM clients out there but it was limited to what you are currently using. With meebo, you can chat with people using other IM clients and it had no downloads required. Meebo is an instant messaging software […]

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Idiot’s guide to web innovation: Four part series

There are several things that must be considered before your try to pimp your website. It must contain correct data: True to its stated scope and limitations, web information posted should be credible. Meaning, it should have cited expert sources. Its must look the part, by this we mean pictures and other multi-media articles ought […]

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Google’s Innovations at Risk Due to EU Sanctions?

google logo

Google undoubtedly revolutionized the search landscape when it first came out, but now it is the big corporation, and while far from being a dinosaur, is often criticized for the way the present results as well as for their info gathering methods. However, with the EU set to place still undefined sanctions that will restrict […]

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Innovation Propelled by Web-based Crowd Funding

crowd funding

Innovation cannot arise without novel ideas, but even the best of ideas can only go so far without the funding to make the idea turn into a reality. While crowd funding is one of the traditional ways of sourcing money, web-based crowd funding is relatively new and is increasing in popularity, helping drive innovation in […]

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Features of the Mozilla Firefox

Mozilla Firefox is considered to be one of the leading web browsers at present together with the Internet Explorer and the Google Chrome. This web browser is widely used mainly because of its remarkable features that simply satisfy the users. Tabbed browsing is made possible through Firefox. Through this, users are able to easily search […]

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Learning Web Programming

Web Programming resulted to the invention of almost all software used nowadays. Through web programming, applications that cater to data gathering and information dissemination are being made for the consumption of the online community. Web programming actually involves a process that is not that difficult to understand and all starts with a specific set of […]

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Types of Programming Languages

It is often the case that programming languages appear similar to the eyes of the majority. There are in fact varying types of these languages that programmers use as basis to know which is the most appropriate to the web application or service being made. Programming languages are sometimes procedural, functional, or object-oriented. Procedural language […]

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