New technology to prevent user abandonment

Keep customers from leaving your website

Aside from remarketing, another tool these last few months have been proven to successfully rein back customers who were about to abandon their online shopping carts. Studies show that 65% of users abandon their online shopping carts which could have been translated to sales. The new tool called Exit-Intent is the much needed tool to reduce user abandonment which hurts potential profit. Visitor abandonment is detected by the tool through the visitor’s mouse movements, which then triggers a last-minute incentive for the visitor to stay. There are a lot of ways on how these incentives can be carried out. Retailers or e-commerce sites can choose between giving out discount codes, shopping-cart reminders, free e-books, well-written benefits of a certain product designed to hook the consumer, and a lot of other methods that can prevent these users from leaving. To provide a study case for this claim, we can take the case of Xeroshoes. Xeroshoes is a shoe brand that started out with a man named Steven Sashen who kept encountering running injuries. After a friend advised him on the benefits of barefoot running, he later incorporated this concept into his line of shoes. In Xeroshoes’ website, every time the site detected a user leaving, it flashed them a report of the benefits of barefoot running while comparing this to regular shoes. This method proved to push visitors towards purchasing the product. 2.5% of visitors who intended to abandon the website requested the report, and 28.4% of those who requested and received the report moved on to purchase the product at Xeroshoes.  Picreel, Rooster, and Bounce Exchange are some of the technologies that are offering free trials to access this exit-intent tool.
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The Internet of Things May Work For and Against You

Everything will be connected

Technology, telecommunications, health, security, and others of different kinds are starting to link things like cars and household appliances to industrial-strength sensors with smartphones and the internet. What most people don’t know is that the potential benefits as well as risks that the “Internet of Things” poses to lifestyles and businesses is beyond huge. Imagine automated systems that can influence and adjust the physical world all without human interfacing. How does this work? First an identity is ascribed to selected objects through QR codes, which become Smart Objects. Users interact with these identities with other intelligent systems such as smartphones or web services. For instance, Smart Car Keys that don’t have to be taken out of your pocket to get your car to start. In the second stage of the Internet of Things, the Smart Objects start to develop their ability to sense their environment and the conditions around it. Imagine going to the gym to machines that already know what your workout is, or a house that starts switching on the heating/cooling as it senses the owner is nearing home. But how will security firms deal with hackers who can tamper with the networks involved to start somebody else’s car without the keys, or open the house without them? In the last stage of the Internet of Things, the capacity of technology will have reached a level that does not necessitate the interaction of another device such as smartphones or web services in order to function. The “Things” will eventually be able to sense context and interact with other things, sensors, and services without human interaction. Imagine a drug dispenser that will be able to prescribe and issue medication after sensing the conditions of the person’s body through a set of tools like sensors, monitoring feedback tools and apps; or a cardiac app that tells you if it’s sensing a form of danger to come in the coming days and automatically calls 911 or the hospital for you. The benefits are great, but without spelling it all out, one can see that the dangers too are great.

SEOs are now a crucial element of successful businesses

Perhaps you just haven’t noticed it, but there’s a whole other world that most people who aren’t in the marketing industry aren’t aware of. You and I are a part of it, it’s called the digital world. But this whole other world is the whole underground world of the surface world that we only know […]

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News flash for business start-ups: Keep updated with Google.

Having basic knowledge about SEOs aren’t enough anymore if you want your online presence to really stick out in search results via your online marketing efforts. Every business, especially entrepreneurs who are just starting, should remember that their online marketing efforts course their way through the Internet, which is almost practically Google. And Google is […]

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A Revolutionary Innovation That Few Know About

The Internet of Things is a term that most people still haven’t heard about, especially if you’re not one who is too keen on the technological scene as non-developers, web engineers, programmers, someone from Google, and what not. It’s a term that will truly cause earthquakes in society and the way we live. First of […]

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Marketing Battles in the Digital World

Google is continuing to rein in marketers towards their net of digital advertising. Over the recent years, Google has become an advertising monster having accounted for more than 10% of the entire advertising spending in America. Kirk Perry, Google’s president of global client and agency solutions spoke at the Association of National Advertisers’ “Masters of […]

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The South Korean Government and their Comfort Women

South Korea has of late been known as a hotbed of innovation; recently, they were rated as number two in the world in the list of most innovative countries. When it comes to technology, electronics, and telecommunications, the country has been making great strides forward. However, not all is rosy in political matters in South […]

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Google’s Innovations at Risk Due to EU Sanctions?

google logo

Google undoubtedly revolutionized the search landscape when it first came out, but now it is the big corporation, and while far from being a dinosaur, is often criticized for the way the present results as well as for their info gathering methods. However, with the EU set to place still undefined sanctions that will restrict […]

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One of the great innovations for the web was the Instant Messengers. There are quite a lot of IM clients out there but it was limited to what you are currently using. With meebo, you can chat with people using other IM clients and it had no downloads required. Meebo is an instant messaging software […]

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Most Innovative Magento Enterprise Site of 2012: Rocket Web

delicious karma logo

Rocket Web, maker of Delicious Karma, took home this year’s Mosit Innovatinve Magento Enterprise Site Award. The website “is a social shopping site that makes it easy and fun for food lovers to discover, learn about, and buy exceptional artisanal and gourmet foods, at great prices, while supporting the community of artisanal food producers.” It […]

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