Remarketing can solve e-commerce site problems.

How remarketing works

Of course the most major concern of e-commerce websites is the high rate of “consumers” on their website who abandon their shopping carts before making any purchase. To some e-commerce websites, this data is often ignored; however, this is a big mistake as there are ways to turn these shopping cart abandonment’s into sales. First, let us take a look at why shopping carts are abandoned before consumers even get to buy anything. According to shopping cart abandonment data from the e-commerce platform Shopify and the Forrester’s North American Technographics survey, “consumers” don’t only abandon their online shopping carts due to complicated checkout platforms and unexpected costs at the end. There’s a bigger picture that consists of just browsing, saving products for later consideration, comparing products with other websites, and more. The disappointing part is that 81% of retailers think that abandonment data is useless when actually 75% of consumers who abandon online shopping carts intend to come back to where they left off, and 25% of them actually convert to actual consumers.  The insight here is that potential consumers require a series of interactions with your brand before they can commit to a purchase. E-commerce sites can achieve this by using remarketing. Remarketing works by placing anonymous cookies in the the user’s browser when he/she abandons the cart, allowing you to serve additional ads to this user on the other parts of the web and more importantly, maintain contact with the user without even so much requiring their mail addresses.
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Panda Algorithm Update Impacts 12% Of US Results

Black Hat SEO

Usually in January 2011, Google announced that they would take action against websites that churn out shallow or low-quality content, as well as content that merely copies others’ content and sites with low levels of original content.  A month later, they did indeed come up with changes to its ranking algorithm that is designed to take out websites that contain such material. They are pretty much set on trying to create changes that would help drive the spam levels even lower. With this new algorithm update, plenty of websites that employ content farming are undoubtedly targeted and will be affected. Content farming starts out by researching what news, categories, and or topics are actually popular searches. After which, these sites will generate content which correspond directly to those searches and do so by spending as little time and or money as possible to generate the said content. Google also mentioned that they are progressively creating more ways for users to give more feedback about these low-quality websites. Right now the search engine algorithms are modified to index only original and unique content and do not index original content more than once. This means that all content that is copied will go to waste. This is also why you should forget about using this black hat SEO strategy, and merely focus your SEO efforts in creating unique and original content for your website only. Black hat SEO techniques may work for a while, but in the long run, Google will only discover this and penalize you and your Google Ranking. Invest in long-term SEO schemes instead of short-term ones.
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New technology to prevent user abandonment

Aside from remarketing, another tool these last few months have been proven to successfully rein back customers who were about to abandon their online shopping carts. Studies show that 65% of users abandon their online shopping carts which could have been translated to sales. The new tool called Exit-Intent is the much needed tool to […]

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The Internet of Things May Work For and Against You

Technology, telecommunications, health, security, and others of different kinds are starting to link things like cars and household appliances to industrial-strength sensors with smartphones and the internet. What most people don’t know is that the potential benefits as well as risks that the “Internet of Things” poses to lifestyles and businesses is beyond huge. Imagine […]

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SEOs are now a crucial element of successful businesses

Perhaps you just haven’t noticed it, but there’s a whole other world that most people who aren’t in the marketing industry aren’t aware of. You and I are a part of it, it’s called the digital world. But this whole other world is the whole underground world of the surface world that we only know […]

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News flash for business start-ups: Keep updated with Google.

Having basic knowledge about SEOs aren’t enough anymore if you want your online presence to really stick out in search results via your online marketing efforts. Every business, especially entrepreneurs who are just starting, should remember that their online marketing efforts course their way through the Internet, which is almost practically Google. And Google is […]

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A Revolutionary Innovation That Few Know About

The Internet of Things is a term that most people still haven’t heard about, especially if you’re not one who is too keen on the technological scene as non-developers, web engineers, programmers, someone from Google, and what not. It’s a term that will truly cause earthquakes in society and the way we live. First of […]

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Marketing Battles in the Digital World

Google is continuing to rein in marketers towards their net of digital advertising. Over the recent years, Google has become an advertising monster having accounted for more than 10% of the entire advertising spending in America. Kirk Perry, Google’s president of global client and agency solutions spoke at the Association of National Advertisers’ “Masters of […]

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The South Korean Government and their Comfort Women

South Korea has of late been known as a hotbed of innovation; recently, they were rated as number two in the world in the list of most innovative countries. When it comes to technology, electronics, and telecommunications, the country has been making great strides forward. However, not all is rosy in political matters in South […]

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Google’s Innovations at Risk Due to EU Sanctions?

google logo

Google undoubtedly revolutionized the search landscape when it first came out, but now it is the big corporation, and while far from being a dinosaur, is often criticized for the way the present results as well as for their info gathering methods. However, with the EU set to place still undefined sanctions that will restrict […]

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