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For this article, we will show you how to successfully create a content marketing platform. Most experts would advise you to start by writing down your content marketing strategy. This involves thinking about your brand’s story, and what it is you want to share with the specific targeted audience you have in mind. Once you have established this, you may then start making a framework, and then establish USPs, visions, goals, and the like. Think about who you want to reach, what value you can provide, how you’re going to deliver the information, who’s going to manage the process, and how you’re going to measure success and refine your efforts. Content marketing tactics for B2b marketers involve webinars, webcasts, blogs, videos, case studies, white papers, e-books, e-newsletters and microsites, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Slide Share. Next thing you have to do is to create an editorial calendar to consistently implement your content marketing strategy and establish a consistent publishing schedule. MarketingProfsreports that companies who publish an average of 15 blog posts per month have the ability to generate more than 1,200 new leads. Lastly, you should publish content that is relevant to the target audience.

South Korean Comfort Women

An interesting idea that US Comfort Women can pursue is to create a content marketing platform that can help boost awareness of their situation to the South Korean government as well as readers from South Korea. It might not be a B2B platform, but if they can successfully make the issue of forced prostitution somehow relevant to today’s people, then they might be able to gather more attention.

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Ever since content marketing had joined the online world and become the most often used marketing strategy in the digital world, plenty of digital publishing tools as well as hundreds of social media platforms have leveled the playing field for most businesses. Because of this marketers have used these digital publishing tools and social media platforms to use content as a common strategic marketing weapon in order to self-publish. Needless to say, there has been a resurgence in the role as well as value that content plays to help businesses grow more. However these days, the innovation that has pushed these digital platforms and publishing tools to popularity only seemed all glitter and glamour. Research today shows that marketers today still lack the ability to use content strategically. Around 500 global business executives  had one common thing to say in the survey. All the business executives want their marketers to stop marketing to them and instead demand content from brands which are instead, transparent, useful, and selfless. According to one study that is called “Missing the Mark: Global Content Survey of Brand Marketers and their B2B Audiences”, it found that there was a huge discrepancy between what marketers are doing, and what global business executives want. Global business executives are seeking substance; however, marketers are still largely marketing. Some tips that should help marketers with strategic content marketing: Care about your readers. Think about what issues are important to your readers and create content that provides a new or fresh perspective to an existing topic. The content should enhance the company’s thinking on critical issues and provide a simple, yet compelling point of view. Timely or unique information has a large and meaningful impact on the perception of the brand which is the source of the information.


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