Innovative Website on Government Procurement for Small Businesses Already Up

RFP-EZThe government procurement process has gotten less incomprehensible and more accessible to small businesses all over the United States thanks to the launch of the beta version of RFP-EZ.

RFP-EZ, which was created as part of the Presidential Innovation Fellowship program, is a website dedicated to helping small businesses find and bid on low-dollar government contracts easily. The convenience this innovative online marketplace is not only due to the “online factor”, but more importantly results from the government’s efforts to streamline the entire process.

The website works both ways as well with any government agency able to effortlessly put up statements of work and browse through the online portfolios of bidding companies. This saves agencies a lot of time and manpower, as bids can be narrowed down more easily without having to directly engage with all bidders nor go through mounds of paper work in the initial phase.

Security measures are also in place with the government registration process for each company/business still to be done after the bidding.

Image via RFP-EZ