Tim Berners-Lee Speaks on Web Innovation

tim berners-leePerhaps there is no one better to approach when it comes to getting an opinion on the latest web innovations than the inventor of the Internet himself, Sir Tim Berners-Lee.

If you get his take on the state of the World Wide Web though, you can bet that the way most people define web innovation is not enough an innovation for him. According to Time Berners-Lee, it is time to innovate the way the web works so that it end up doing more than just breakdown geographical barriers, but cultural barriers as well and so going back to his original intent for the Internet, which is to become the ultimate collaborative tool. He wants the Internet to be more open.

Tim Berners-Lee says all this with eyes wide open though and acknowledges that an open web is not applicable in all cases, especially where sensitive information requires stringent security measures, such as military and financial data.

Image via W3C